Our Family

Our Family
DAC Family At Devin & Ashley's wedding Aug 2007

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Our Friends--Missionaries We Saw In Chile

At our first concert in Vina we saw Julio Rebolledo and Jose Sepulveda, but didn't get a photo.

Cristian & Gisella Ramirez and children de Talca

Nelson Carrera, Alejandra Fernandez y esposo, Froilan Henriquez de Santiago
Ariel & Marjorie Sepulveda de Talca
We had a delightful lunch and visit with Christian y Carolina Olate and children in Concepcion.
Emilli Anabalon de Concepcion
Jessi Aburto y esposo de Concepcion
Hector Sanzana, Lorena Villagran, y Claudio Lopez de Temuco
Ariel & Marjorie Sepluveda de Talca

Our April Trip To Chile

We were so happy and blessed to be able to travel to Chile as tour managers for Sound Alliance Jazz/Vocal Union students from BYU-I. It was wonderful! The students performed at least daily in muncipal theatres, stake centers, and did workshops at high schools and universities. Among them were 20 returned missionaries and 7 who spoke Spanish. It felt like a mission in a lot of ways and the people could feel the spirit of these great youth. We traveled from North to South and enjoyed much of the familiar in Santiago and here in Vina del Mar/Valparaiso where we walked along the ocean front and had lunch outdoors, remembering our outings here for family time. One morning we had a short time to take the students to the beautiful outlook on the grand rocks of ConCon. Remember the entertainment at the stops signs?...here is a man on stilts and one doing flips. Oh, so many great memories.

North of Santiago...we stopped at the most beautiful restaurant overlooking the ocean and rocks in Los Vilos. Both Devin & Chelise would have traveled along this coastline. We stayed in a hotel near the beach in La Serena and the students performed in the Municipal Theatre that I'm sure Devin viewed often. We saw several families who remembered and loved los famosos, Elder Devin & Hna Chelise Christensen.

La Moneda...or capital of Chile...in Santiago.

We loved our visit to Talca. Elder Ramirez and wife, Gisella, and their stake made us feel so welcome with a delicious meal, and Elder Sepulveda demonstrated the cueca. It was delightful to be with these people who know how to show love.

In Concepcion we visited a hospital which does a lot of cleft palate repairs on children. Several children met us in the lobby and a group stayed to help them paint the mural you see. Other groups of musicians traveled throughout the floors and wards singing and playing the saxes. There was a bright spirit there among the doctors and patients and we were blessed to be there. We were served at a lovely restaurant afterwards...a member works there and gave us a great price for such an nice place.

On the way to Pucon...beautiful vistas and see the Volcano Villarrica. We were unable to continue to Pucon, because we stopped for lunch at a off season resort and it took 3 hours to be complete our meal...I guess they had to go out and catch the fish. But the drive was BEAUTIFUL!

Our students sang a cueca song, but had never seen the dance, so the Talca stake (organized by our Elder Ramirez in St Presidency) surprised us on our way out of town...had a professional group of singers and dancers...they drew in the students and it felt warm and so loveing. It was a tender expression of thanks.

The mayor of La Florida (sub of Santiago). He LOVED the students and their contenances. At the formal meal they served us, he wanted to know about the church. Muy amable!

We visited the school Candra & Devin attended, Nido de Aguilas...here is the gym where the students performed 2 concerts, a new climbing wall, and an outside court where our C&D would have socialized.

We took a few of the students to San Cristobal on one of the clearest days Santiago has had. Good memories and a beautiful view of the city we came to love.

We loved being in Santiago. Our mission home is gone...just a big hole preparing for an apt building. That was sad. But there was much familiar there. We loved being in the Santiago Temple for a session and seeing the symbols of CHile throughout. We walked an outdoor shopping area and Dad got a good shoe shine. We were especially happy to see Marianela and Bitsabe. We loved seeing our friends.