Our Family

Our Family
DAC Family At Devin & Ashley's wedding Aug 2007

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Guatemala Church Camp Las Colinas Jun08

We found a little paradise this week on our prep day. The church camp an hour away. Large enough for 4 stakes, perfectly kept up, beautiful, serene, and safe. Little cement paths like this lead to a large green area with picnic pavillions, camping spots and soccer fields. This is an amphitheater being constructed for the national camporees of YW in Dec and YM in January. Can seat several thousand.
One of the pavillions...some seat 125 people, others for little family gatherings. All set up with BBQ grills and running water and a store room.
This is looking toward some pavillions and several soccer fields and basketball courts. Lots and lots of open grass areas among the trees. It was beautiful and we are welcome to come any time we want to walk and relax. A wonderful find!