Our Family

Our Family
DAC Family At Devin & Ashley's wedding Aug 2007

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Antigua July 08

Isn't this appealing...next to an old crumbling building.

Walking through the centro.

Courtyard of our favorite Jade factory and art shop.

Yep...I found one I could afford. My favorite was $1500. "The Harvest"
...much brighter than it looks in the picture.

Dad enjoying the volcano view from a little window of the bakery sandwich shop where we stopped for lunch.

Looking down the street from this little sandwich shop balcony.

It was a lovely day in Antigua!

Las Colinas Missionary Activity July08

This is the building where they played ping pong and indoor activities.Dad planning and preparing for a great experience.

Doesn't this beckon you to walk down this lane?

Countryside gardens on our way to Las Colinas.

We began with a service activity...in a well kept paradise for church activities.
Preparing a new flower garden spot...

See that volcano in the background! These were our playing fields.

This, of course, was a posed shot. But did make a basket after a few unguarded attempts.

They played hard and seriously.

Domino pizza lunch break

Presidente y Hna

Preparing the district leaders to lead a sweet final district meeting.


Each district ended with gatherings under these pavillions, then personal time to think and write in their journals. It was a great day!

Missionaries at CCM

Here is Dad with sweet Elder Perez.
Hnas Rodas, Barrios, me, Castillo, Esquivel.

Wonderful group 1 day before leaving for the mission field all white and ready to harvest...