Our Family

Our Family
DAC Family At Devin & Ashley's wedding Aug 2007

Saturday, May 24, 2008

We loved Antigua! You would too! 17 May 08

The centro plaza in Antigua.

Since it was the weekend the indoor market was extended out on the street. The market is housed right next to this beautiful old building.

Chenae enjoying the beautiful grounds at Casa de Santa Domingo.
The luxury hotel, garden, museum is built around and among the ruins. Antigua is a possible site for Middoni where Ammon's brethren were imprisoned.
The outdoor cathedral of the ruins, still in use. They were preparing for a wedding as we walked the gardens and museums.

Doesn't it seem inviting and welcoming! There are 3 volcanos surrounding this little town.
See the new built right up against the old.

A special find as we drove out of town. Antigua always beacons us to return.

Lake Atitlan-Santiago Atitlan 16 May08

A beautiful morning for a boatride across the lake to Santiago Atitlan.Master Kalem didn't like the cool breeze, but he put up with it like a trooper.

Friday market...much busier than our last visit during the week.

Aren't these cute little women in their highland native dress! Chenae thanks for helping us get that picture!

We walked through the markets, found some treasures to take home, and enjoyed the ambiance of Guatemala. Chenae got good at bargaining after a little lady said, 'Now I say I want 20 quets and you say you'll pay 10 quets, then I'll go down, then you come up." She was so cute mentoring for her gringa friend.

That was fun! We love the feel of this place...it is a possible site of the Waters of Mormon...it is easy to feel the Mayan history.

Botanical Garden at Panajachel 15 May 08

Look at that rod iron gazebo...beautiful!

Eric, Chelise, and Kalem...sure was fun to meet him and get acquainted!

This is just one of tons of exotic plants and flowers. It was a wonderland! And so special to enjoy it with Chenae, Chelise and Kalem!

We passed from the front gardens to the back overlooking the lake...

We were in a paradise together, looking over Lake Atitlan.

Our children played and Grandpa & I cuddled the sleeping baby.

We enjoyed dinner here...my favorite was the fruit salad and Dad's favorite was the tres leche dessert.

Driving the Guatemala Highlands May08

I couldn't resist the mausoleum/cemetary. It's like a neighborhood.

Woman carry everything from stacks of wood, to baskets, to this odd assortment on their heads.

As you drive through the mountain region, it feels like you are away from people, but on close inspection...houses are thick and there is a large population up and down the mountains and hills.

We just passed through this little town and marketplace

The streets are narrow and colorful and very LARGE colorful buses squeeze through the streets.

Eric saw this little grandmother and companion climbing up a steep incline. She flashed a nice smile.

Welcome Eric, Chelise, and Kalem...to Iximche 15 May08

Recognize this from Aaron & Michelle's visit? We are at Iximche Ruins. We met Kalem the night before and are taking him on his first international outing. These school children were on a field trip. Don't they add the perfect touch to this Guatemalan site! Notice the highland skirts. I liked the sound of children and laughter and life among these ruins.
Our own 'kids' climbed most of the hills and explored every corner.

Kalem was quite serious about his first field trip. Kind of like Kieran who would be taking notes of everything.

Aren't they just a picture for the heart! This was just the beginning of our adventure.

Hiking to Pacaya Volcano with Chenae May 08

Chenae arrive and we took a morning to hike to an active volcano.Thankfully there was a resting spot part way up. The hike was strenuous. Some people followed us with horses they hoped to rent, but Chenae and Dad helped me put one foot in front of the other till we reached the top.

The hike was gorgeous overlooking the green valley. It is nice to get out of the city.

Here we are at the edge of the climb to the volcano. We missed the lava flows which had changed course the week before, requiring another hour hike over the uneven lava rock. But here you can see the steam coming from the lava flows. It was still beautiful.

Behind is the volcano Pacaya. You can see the mist coming from the cone on top and the steam from the lava flow down the volcano on the other side. Behind us is a large lava bed of all different formations. It was an adventure.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Visit to El Salvador Mission & Johnsons home May 08

Anne in her wonderful kitchen fixing the most delicious breakfast...mango, papaya, pineapple, blueberry muffins, eggs and OJ. Yum!

Aren't they a cute family? Ian, Regan, Maci, Anne, Dana holding Maya. TJ must be entering adolescence-(age 11) because he wasn't up yet.

It sure was nice to be with family!!!

This is the only picture I took on the way home from El Salvador...little tuktuk taxis in the villages. But if I had taken more pictures you would see...miles of highway under a green, flowering tree tunnel...colors in brilliant orange, hot pink and purple...2 youth age girls carrying 2 large striped jugs on their heads as they walked along the highway...here and there a man riding his horse with six 5-gallon water jugs tied on the sides...women in all sorts of dress, from dresses, to sport outfits, to jeans wearing frilly wrap around waist aprons while they work...village cemeteries that looked like neighborhoods with little buildings like playhouses painted in bright colors lined up in rows and covered with flowers...most buses are colorful and piled high on top with suitcases, etc and nearly all have something religious on them like ‘Jesus Lives’, but today we saw one with the painting of “Oh Jerusalem” by Greg Olsen poorly laminated on the back window. Interesting!...4 large pigs filling the back of a pick-up truck. It was a very enjoyable trip for us.