Our Family

Our Family
DAC Family At Devin & Ashley's wedding Aug 2007

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Central America Area Mission Presidents Seminar Nov 08

We bused all together. On the way to Antigua we stopped at the Guatemala church campground, Las Colinas, for a catered grilled lunch. We enjoyed visiting with Dr & Hna Taylor.

Next we stopped at a museum of music history of the Mayan people. Here I am looking at empty tortoise shells used for drums. I thought the grandchildren would be interested in that.

We love the colorful clothing, as well as the interesting methods of making music. And here is a little street market represented.

We don't mean to show up the bride and groom...

Our hotel room at the lovely hotel Santo Domingo...built upon ruins with so much history.

We enjoyed a lovely dinner at the restaurant (with flash...and without so you can see how the lighting really was)...so beautiful in all candlelight. We enjoyed the Madrigals (Panama mission), Baldwins (city Central mission) and the Taylors.

In the evening we enjoyed a stroll around the hotel gardens...so unique, with courtyards, a terrace overlooking the city, and lots of areas to enjoy peace and tranquility.

Look at this unique banquet hall within unfinished ruin walls. We are sitting on the left at the table behind the waiters. Just outside the hall was the walkway below. This is what the whole hotel grounds looked like at night...using mostly candlelight after dark.

It was what Elder Bednar called a 'revelatory session'--not a seminar. Quite an experience being taught by an Apostle!

The seminar ended with a session at the Guatemala temple. We (and the missionaries) were delighted that all the presidents walked over afterward to tour the CCM and to hug their missionaries.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

This and That...

Note the beautiful roses Dad gave me...and the bouquet of napkin roses with one special one in the center saying "Gracias" from Elder Aleman.

North American outing (11/4) in Antigua.

We found the Apple Wood Factory. Don't they look good enough to eat!

Happy Birthday Dad from all the staff and teachers.

Cute Guatemalan figures showing missionaries teaching. Happy Birthday, President!