Our Family

Our Family
DAC Family At Devin & Ashley's wedding Aug 2007

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Our Friends at the Central Area Presidents Seminar

Central Area Mission Presidents Seminar with Elder Andersen & Elder Costa.

Elder & Sister Andersen
Area Pres & Hna Clarke, los Cruz (Hon-San Pedro Sula) , los Torres (Guat Norte) , us, our translators

The Falabella's...1st counselor Area. Strong, firm, humble testimonies.

The Martino's...2nd counselor Area. New, enthusiastic, firm foundation.

The Duran's...DTA and CCM Br President. We knew them in Chile and love them here.

The Galvez...Pres Costa Rica. Was CCM Br Pres and she an RS teacher. We love them and their family.

Dr & Hna Taylor...Area Medical Advisor and our friends who come weekly to the CCM to give shots and advise us. Strong testimonies and desires to serve.

The Baldwin's...Guat City Central. Neighbors across the street. The only gringo presidents. Great friends.

The Torres...Guat City North. Gringo/Latin mix from Utah. We love them.
The Alvarados...Guat City South. This little couple have giant spirits and have had a Goliath to battle and have done great!

The Lopez (El Sal West), Galvez, Frattz (Nicaragua), Flores (Hon Comayaguela), Lorenzana (Quetzaltenango)

The Chaverri's...Honduras Tegulcigalpa. What a character he is, formerly of the Seventy. Very happy people.
Goodbye dear friends...possibly till we meet again on the other side of the veil!
Hnas Taylor, Chaverri, Perez, Flores, Torres, Lorenzana, Alvarado, Lopez, me, Galvez.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Central America MIssion President Seminar Nov 2009

Cart we rode from the center to our rooms...or around the grounds.

First evening as we explored the conference center with friends. I love the vibrant colors of exotic flowers here.

Looking out over the lush green valley.

These are part of the view as we rode our golf cart from our room to the conference center. Surrounded by 4 volcanos, serenity, beauties of the earth...

See this volcano spouting a little in the early morning.
Women session with Elder & Sister Andersen. Here Hnas Duran, Martino, Falabella.

Entertainment from Youth Bell Choir and vocalist. Beautiful! They are going to come to the CCM for Christmas.

Breakfast buffet each morning...incredible!

Driving the courses to see the view. The courses are huge...upper and lower.

One activity for these presidents was to dream about driving their very own BMW cycle.

More enjoying the serenity of driving the courses.

One last favorite activity...sitting our our patio overlooking the pool and green landscape and talking and planning after an incredible conference with an Apostle and General Authority. It was a wonderful, rejuvinating seminar,which leaves us with much to think about, much to do, and much to be thankful for...the gospel, our Savior, our family, each other.