Our Family

Our Family
DAC Family At Devin & Ashley's wedding Aug 2007

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Allowitz' Visit Tikal 18 Mar 09

Could we really be in Book of Mormon land? Did Captain Moroni wonder these jungles? It is fascinating...we loved it!

The jungle was warm, but not too warm. We stopped for a picnic lunch. We saw all sorts of animals...racoon, crocodile, lizards, a variety of birds, monkeys...the most fascinting is the howler monkey which makes a most horrible, loud scream (this time indicating we could expect rain). Our guide, Antonio, pointed out plants and trees which cure all sorts of ailments. He was quite a chatter-box full of information.
After climbing 179 wooden steps up the mountain, we arrived at this overlook and the top of the largest pyramid. It was beautiful to see jungle for miles and note limestone pyramids pushing up through the canopy all around.
Doesn't this tree root remind you of the dog in "Neverending Story"?
We are dwarfed by the ancient Mayan temple. Imagine it painted red...what a magnificent city this must have been.

Two views in the central plaza of Tikal. Kieran & Kimball climbed and Karigan chased a colorful wild turkey to take pictures.

This is where we also found this friendly tarantula. Being in the pest extermination business, Kit was ready to take him on. It was a GREAT, MEMORABLE day with the Allowitz.

Zip Line Adventure at Atitlan 19 Mar 09

We had to cross several hanging bridges to get to the top.
The Allowitz' ready for the climb and the zzziiippppp......
This is a fake smile...I was scared to death. Dad's harness and hat were too small for him, but he was a good sport.

Proof that we did it...check that off the Z goals...never again for me! I hope it isn't cheating that the guide did the braking for me.

Allowitz' Visit Panajachel 19 Mar 09

Suck the marrow...Kit, Karigan, & Kimball swim in cold pool.
Evening walk through the botanical gardens
Typical dress of our waiters at Hotel Atitlan

Morning view across Lake Atitlan...serene, beautiful, inviting! I love this place!

Kit & Creshel...we love this pair and their kids!

Don't you love the colors and vibrance at this restaurant!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Allowitz' Visit Santiago Atitlan 20 Mar 09

We boated across Lake Atitlan to Santiago Atitlan...rode the tuktuk's (3 wheel taxi) up to the cathedral.
Our luck...it was market day. Fresh chicken for dinner? Can't get much fresher than this.
Creshel and Karigan enjoying the fabrics. I love these colorful huipils (blouses for women).
Fruits and vegetables...

Fish and shrimp...all shapes and sizes...Kieran, Kimball, and Karigan aren't hungry.
At the pier with volcano in background.
What fun to share this with our family! A great day!

Allowitz Climb Volcano and R&R Mar 09

Allowitz' at Gutemala Temple
Preparing for the climb to active Pacaya Volcano

Karigan doesn't need the horse, but these boys don't give up asking till half way up.
Nice shady spots for a vigorous hike up...these three LOVE doing challenging things!
Finally to the lava flow...fascinating!
Enjoying company at our dining table. What a joy for grandparents!

Eating in the cafeteria with the missionaries.

Allowitz' Visit Antigua 23 Mar 09

Santa Domingo (old monastery) Hotel

Kimball thinks he wants to live here when he grows up

Two content grandparents with Karigan, Kimball, Kieran
Is this paradise? Beautiful...how we love sharing this with our family!
Lunch at Sky patio restaurant overlooking part of city
Best lemonaid in the world...and who can resist watermelon juice
Entering el centro. I love the purple flowering trees this time of year...and the fruit stand and horse carriage...
From serene Central Park looking toward the cathedral.
Entrance to la Merced. See horse carriage in the background.
Content shoppers...see the large kites in the background...flown once a year in cemeteries on All Saints Day Nov 1st.

"Goot price for you." "You like?" Always think half price...bargaining is half the fun for them and for you.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Just a Touch of February

Happy Birthday to Deena...my birthday wasn't too eventful, but we did go to central market later in the month and buy this little couple in some of my favorite Guatemala colors.

Our February was full, but undocumented with pictures:
MTC visit from Elder Hinckley, and men from the Missionary Dept. They brought a great spirit to the missionaries and to us.

21st Visit from 2 cousins, Daleen King & Glen Dean, who have been doing humanitarian service with a dental group. We had a wonderful visit over lunch.