Our Family

Our Family
DAC Family At Devin & Ashley's wedding Aug 2007

Saturday, August 30, 2008

To the zoo without grandchildren...but it was fun!

Isn't it pretty. We were pleasantly surprised...it was green and plush and the animals were active, because the temperature was so mild. The howler monkey was the most interesting. I thought he was in pain and the sound was horrible. I would be quite anxious to hear that in a jungle setting. But it was coming from a small monkey.

Mama bears!

We met a young couple there from Colorado who had just finalized their adoption for a little boy and would be taking him home the next day. We were glad we looked like missionaries when we told them what we are doing here.

We enjoyed our prep day outing together...even without the grandchildren! We'll go again.

The Bennett Family Visit Aug 08

We found a new market we hadn't noticed before. I love the colors...look at this womans braids.

Aren't the colors just intriguing...and the little aprons...and hats...and belts...

We enjoyed lunch at Santa Domingos...delicious food 'tipica', wonderful atmosphere, and lots of laughter and thorough enjoyment. We love this family.

We enjoyed a couple of nights of dinner together. Curtis & Sheri participated Sunday night in a fireside sharing experiences from their mission in Chile. We loved the whole day with them in Antigua. It was so fun to be with them again.

This is how they do weaving. I caught this shot while we were in a shop. She was just off to the side by herself. She was probably my age...can you imagine sitting for hours like that?

Outing with NA Aug 08

We started our outing at the Central Park. I love this shot of the sisters talking to this Guatemalan lady.Hna Hall suddenly took off running through the pigeons, but they didn't even take notice.

The relief map is interesting as they can find their missions and see all of Guatemala.

National Museum of History...the large wall mural in the background represents all the religions in Guatemala. Can you see anything familiar there?

There is a lot of interesting history here...and a lot of rocks!

Las Colinas Missionary Activity Aug 08

After a serious game of soccer...notice the twins in the front row and the elder who got to stay even with health challenges (2nd from R, front row).

Playing hard at the wonderful gym at the camp.
Getting ready for final instruction and district testimony meeting and time to think.

Final challenge!