Our Family

Our Family
DAC Family At Devin & Ashley's wedding Aug 2007

Saturday, March 24, 2007


We woke up to wonderful sunshine and decided to have some fun. We drove a little west of Beaver Dick Park and rode the 4 wheelers. It was Chantel's debut in her special seat. She was getting bugs in her teeth with that smile. It was so nice to be out, though there isn't much green yet...just fresh and refreshing. We took a little snack and left some in the wild bird reserve. And to top it off, the crocuses are popping up in the front yard. Yea!!!!!!!

You should have seen the smile on her face when Dad would let loose the horses and go fast. She loved it!

Chantel's a wild one!

Arizona Visit March 14th-16th

We are happy to report that we had a wonderful visit with the extended family in Arizona. We partied the first night with the Wyeth clan including Bryan & Jen and Matt & Natalie. Then THursday Kit came to visit and Jae & Diann. Finally on Friday many of the cousins came by. It was a great time of loving and being loved!!!

Jenna cutting Dad and the girls hair.

Grandma's cottage...Living room to kitchen and front door.

Looking from Kitchen to Living Room and Dining. To left is door to Wyeth back patio.

Grandma & her little boy Davy

Wyeth Girls at the pool

Us and Grandma at the Mesa Temple

Jae & Diann family

Jae & Diann & Andy

Kit Visited Thursday night...he's fun!

Posterity Wall...able to say goodnight to you all and goodmorning each day!

Grandma's Ancestry Wall...loved ones looking over her!

David & Deena...just happy to be here!
Maureen, Jenna, and Grandma

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Highlights of February for Grandpa & Grandma:

*I.F. Temple chapel meeting for David's BYUI Stake with Pres Groberg where he gave some wonderful temple insights. Dad's Stake Conference was absolutely wonderful. The spirit was strong, the message uplifting.
*college performances of Jeff's play (he did very well) with Gershwin music; an entertaining African American dance troupe; Religious Lecture Series classes were great.
*visit to Sherry & Sheldon's in Twin Falls to say farewell to Justin now on his mission in Florida...how we love to be with family and to feel of their love also.
*grandma's 57th b-day was highlighted by all your calls and notes and an evening playing games and visiting with Devin & Ashley. Thank you!
*Valentine's dinner at Texas Roadhouse with Grandpa & Phyllis, John & Karlena & Kimberly. So fun!
*Roses and flowers from my (Mom's) sweetheart. AND Dad sacrificed his uvula so Mom could be able to sleep better. How romantic!
*we enjoyed our visit with Aaron & Michelle and family one night as they traveled to Island Park to be with her family. Family is the BEST!
*we took a quick trip to Provo for Presidents Day and enjoyed visiting DJ & Candra in their new little home sweet home.
*Bond Grand FHE with Browns, Serrs, and Seymours was great. We talked about family history and family trees, then played the DVD about Grandpa Dale and Grandma Adelaide then let the kids tell stories from their history using pictures they had previously prepared. It was so cute. I would suggest it for our FHE's. See pg 72 of Feb 'Ensign'. for ideas. The kids were very involved and we all enjoyed it.
*we've had some great visits with our son, Devin. He's a great one and we so enjoy our time together.
*Sure love our talks with all of you each week. We pray daily giving thanks for the joy you bring us.
Love Grandpa & Grandma

Monday, March 5, 2007


We really have had an eventful and wonderful month...it came and went pretty quickly for us. Mom's birthday, Valentines Day, Flowers, Friends, Temple Time, mixed with a quick run to Provo---a new 'shorter' semester which has flown by faster than usual...in less than a month we're done and one month from Friday (9th) Mom and I return to the airways to Chile for three weeks which simply means --- we're almost to May!!!! I have been very very very diligent since January 5th. Since the young buck rebel 'noon-hoopers' can't stay up with me---I've gone to a more sophisticated and higher level 'fitness training' mode. I arise every morning --- six days per week Monday thru Saturday at 4:40am, drive to the Hart Building and do the fitness center routine for one serious hour---shower and am back and ready for a nice breakfast (which Mom fixes --- in her dreams of course)---I read the paper and am ready for our 'comp prayer' at 6:30 just as Mom moves to the basement for her 'fitness' hour! There's a competition going on at BYU-I for 'fitness points'---you'll be happy to know that as of last week I'm in the lead... that's the truth!!! I've biked to Provo and Back since January 6-7 miles a day.

Chantel is doing very very good....laughs alot and has been 'pain free' for months and months. She comes home with a bowling trophy one day...notice that she was the "Best Cheerleader" the next, and drives those 'boys next door' (remember the movie?) crazy when they all go swimming once a week! And she prefers we call her "program" --- WORK! Give me a break! She's all play!!!

So...days come and days go....meetings begin and end...classes start and they finish...Mom and I are best friends---laugh alot, say our prayers, and we are doing very well. We love you all and think of you