Our Family

Our Family
DAC Family At Devin & Ashley's wedding Aug 2007

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The rest of the Bond siblings

Shane brought Belinda to meet us when we were in Arizona. Then he stopped by Grandpa's here on his way bringing Brittany home from Portland. That was a nice surprise.
2 yrs ago when the temple president came Grandpa found we were related through James Bond. Verlie had a dinner with them (Pres Christensen) and some other distant relatives for us to share family history information. Grandpa was delighted.

Phyllis & Grandpa...a good companionship

It is an honor to be daughters of this good man...and, of course, wives of these good men.


Karlena said...

So good to see pictures of these people that we love. Verlie is so great to have coordinated the gathering with the temple president. So glad you were able to meet with Shane and Belinda.

Ash said...

Mom: I just want you to know, that although I do not comment often, I LOVE your blog and staying caught up through the fun pictures. Thank you! Maybe when we come visit, we can make blog books. :)