Our Family

Our Family
DAC Family At Devin & Ashley's wedding Aug 2007

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Cool Connecting in California

You wouldn't want to see a picture (well maybe for humor), but another fun thing we did was attend a yoga class which Chelise was instructing. We have a new respect for yoga and those who can actually stretch that way.

Yep...ice cream. You must know that 'chocolate ice cream' and 'Chelise' go hand in hand. She got the ice cream part from her Danish dad and the chocolate part from me.

Grandpa's favorite way to hold babies. Pax likes it.

Here's to 'real' Mexican food...at Tito's Tacos. Eric & Chelise moved a few days later, so we hit the favorite spots to say goodbye. Being with this family is real joy!
Next stop Valencia...to see my brother,Dale & Julie Bond. We always love being with them. were able to see some of their children & grandchildren. Our heart to heart talks always make us love them even more.

We met Pres & Hna Gonzalez (Deena's twin sister) at the Fresno mission office (kind of uncomfortable without our missionary tags and Dad in his suit). We feel so blessed to have this connection with them.
We enjoyed a great visit, in between their phone calls from missionaries and taking care of urgent matters. I couldn't help but tell them "not to worry, it will only be 18 mo till you are as relaxed as we are now." I think they were smiling when we drove away to do more relaxing and visiting. We love our brothers and sisters.
From one joy to another. Near Sacramento we relished our visit with Dev & Ash and Braden. He joined us for dinner at Lucille's Ribs and sat up the whole time in his high chair, looking around and acting like a little adult. Never a fussed. Just enjoyed being the center of our attention. We thank Ash's parents for letting us stay with them, along with the kids (who are waiting to get into a home). They are a great family and we loved our visit.

This is the site for Dev & Ash's wedding 2 1/2 yrs ago. Beautiful and now we love the little boy who has joined their family.

Baby bathtime is one of grandma's favorite activities.

We visited a beautiful area near Foresthill Bridge. It is so nice to be in the green and summer...as we get closer to the winter of Rexburg.

Every time a car passed on the bridge, Braden tensed up and buried his neck in grandpa's and held around his neck so tight. It melted grandpa's heart.

We've had so much fun with this little family and her family. This is real joy!

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Karlena said...

Again, such fun. We did a good job shopping. I love the blue top. It looks great on you! What a great trip. Glad it was all that you envisioned.