Our Family

Our Family
DAC Family At Devin & Ashley's wedding Aug 2007

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Our Texan Welcome to the USA

Liam showed us all his new skills. He lights up the room with his smile. Candra serves us our much missed cottage cheese and other great food. We enjoyed an early morning walk in the freedom of American streets. We drank the tap water and brushed our teeth with it. We enjoyed looking out the low windows with no bars and saw no armed guards on any of the streets. We are pleased to be home.
We saw Probert's as we arrived and as we departed Texas, but our planned visit with them was cut short when we had to interrupt it by going to Arizona for the funeral of David's sister. We will make it up. We loved the short time with this wonderful family. This is real joy!

A couple of days with Duerden's kept us busy enjoying Jackson & Layla. Rocket balloons was a favorite activity outdoors.

One of my favorite memories was FHE. Jackson & Grandma role played as missionaries and for a very short few moments we had his whole attention. He held a Book of Mormon in his open palms and with all the seriousness of pure soul, looked his investigator (grandpa) in the eyes and told him the Book of Mormon was true and asked if he would be baptized. It was precious...and it was over just that fast. But I will always remember it!

Since Jack's morning prayer asked to make cookies, and every few minutes all morning included a request for cookies, we knew what had to be done. He was so intent and careful with each part of the process...including 'eating' the wonderful results and sharing them with Grandpa.
We enjoyed a picnic at the park and playing on the toys and just being outside in the fresh air. Jackson is busy and intense and Layla is a cute little doll. Being with her made us see her likeness to Chalonn, Chelise, and Candra. She was loving and fun to snuggle.

Mat fixed whole wheat bread and served it hot from the oven with butter and honey. Yum! Jack, Chenae and I loved doing a puzzle. I'm surprised how well this 3 yr old can do with a puzzle.

We walked around the pond and gardens of the George Bush library. Isn't this a cute little family! This is real joy!

Allowitz gave us a great reception in Austin...we enjoyed seeing Kieran & Karigan play their b-ball games. It is so nice to be in their home and now be able to view them in their surroundings. They love it here.
Kit & Creshel took us to the Oasis restaurant overlooking the lake. Most of our family members have been here...so it is nice to join the family tradition.

Kimball was our little buddy...taking us on a the tour of the house, on a walk around the yard and to collect the eggs from the chicken coup. He was a little gentleman as he took us on the go-cart rides.

And our final treat was a trip to the creek...a young boys dreamland of exploration. We can see why the Allowitz love it here. We had to cut this visit short also to go to the funeral. But we will be back...we love this family. This is real joy!

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Karlena said...

What a great transition period! Perfect to be able to see and touch all your children! I have been waiting for these pictures and updates. It was worth the wait.