Our Family

Our Family
DAC Family At Devin & Ashley's wedding Aug 2007

Monday, March 15, 2010

Jan's Funeral /Reunion of Brothers & Sisters in Arizona

Aunt Jan died Jan 19th. It was 2 days after we left Guatemala, so we did not get to see her. But we had talked with her by phone. It wasn't a great surprise, as she had been struggling with her decreased lung capacity for awhile, but she had ALWAYS beaten the odds and she had ALWAYS been there for all of us. We will miss this remarkable sister, but we can't help but smile at her ability now to run and to throw her arms around necks for a hug and to be with her Father and her two sons Shawn & Shannon. She was, as Legrand Richarads once said, "The crowning jewel of your family." You can't read the quote on the table, but it reads, "Today's trials are tomorrows testimony." Jan was a living testimony. How we love her!

Grandma C expressed a little disappointment that she didn't precede another child to the other side. But not one to murmur or complain, she faithfully joined us in our goodbyes to Jan.
Now only 7 (of 9) of Mom's little ones surround her. She is a queen and sweet matriarch to a large posterity. Her example of faith keeps us going.

Marv, ever faithful also, stands with 5 of their 7 children (and spouses). They are a great support group for him, but he will need to find something to keep him busy!
When he was just 2 yrs old someone asked Mom, "Why did you name him David and not Goliath?" He is still looking 'up' to her!

Mamma's Boys...Steve, David, Marv, Mark

Don't worry! They are only playing (very gently) with 92 1/2 yr old Mom.
In February, we met as planned before the funeral, for our originals reunion. Before which we drove to Linden to see Marv & Alice's new home and to see the Snowflake temple there. We had such a wonderful time with Marv & Alice...visiting, laughing as always, and remembering. Chantel enjoyed being a special guest with the originals. She always loves being around family and especially seeing Grandma Chris.

Deena's b-day (13th) happened to be opening day of the reunion...what a great 60th birthday! Maureen served strawberry pancakes with all the fixin's grandma's girls have learned. We attended the Mesa Temple...one of our favorites and all the more wonderful surrounded by family.

Afterwards we met at Tia Rosa's restaurant for wonderful Mexican food. Some of our favorite people!

It's always fun to watch these two look into each others eyes and speak soul to soul! Chantel lights up in Grandma's presence.

A favorite activity...visiting and laughing together. Someone gave Marv a ukelele and that began favorite family singing together. This is were we missed Jan so much. But we were all brave and smiling as we told 'Janisms'.

Mom surrounded by her PH men. They take strength from her, she received a blessing at their hands. Full of faith she continues to 'do' what the words of her blessing indicated. At 92 she continues to attend church (though poor hearing does not allow her to hear)..."but I can feel the spirit there." She continues to read her Book of Mormon daily...ever learning and finding comfort there. She continues to lead us to Christ by her example. She looks to see who she can serve and lift. She's an angel and a treasure for us!

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Karlena said...

I feel like I am part of the Christensen clan and love them as well. What a blessing to have this great family! So grateful for them and their strength. Irene is such a pure spirit and matriarch! I loved the entry.